Monday, 11 July 2016

Nuku fun days!

Thanks to a couple of recent public holidays and also the end of term, there's been some fun around the place after a busy year for the village!

Here's a few pics snapped of the Kilikiti match between rivals New Zealand and Samoa! This was a rematch after New Zealand snatched recently a rare victory and Samoa asked for another challenge. Unfortunately I didn't find out about the first match where the game was apparently played in full uniform!

New Zealand team at the crease in Fale

New church in the background - watch the windows!

Cheerleaders Tokelau style!

Then at the end of the school term was a Tialeniu School fun day to welcome in the holidays. Lots of laughing, and relays for all ages including a favourite to husk the Hua (green drinking coconut), open it, return it to one of the senior teachers to drink/skull and then break open to eat the flesh. Lots of fun!

Here's a few photos

Gathered for 7:30am start in the morning sun!

Teams Green, White, Red and Blue

Ngaremu in the Egg and Spoon relay

Ez in a relay

Musical Chairs for the smaller kids

Everyone looking on!

Oh oh, Tropical Rain called off the event an hour early. As you can see that kids thought that was great!!!

Everyone running about drenched with glee!

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