Saturday, 25 June 2016

JUNE PHOTO Selection....

Octopus, these guys are awesome-amazing camouflage!

Letting him go.

Puffer fish Ru shot with the spear gun. Big boy.

Doing a show.

Pigs being slaughtered for a Funeral....lots more photos and videos but pretty brutal, the blood is drained first while the pig is alive, it's a Delicacy.

Nga hugging her favourite thing in our house- our small mirror!! 

Cool plaits we did after-school one Friday.

In the zone! Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street- Thanks Claire.

A Giant Trevally !

Good Tokelauan- Raw is the way to go!

Little guy hatched from an egg Ez found.
Empty egg.

Cute little trio....we were begged to keep, but we said no, mean parents!! Gave them back to their Mum.

Fire and toasted marshmallows for his birthday!! Thanks Woodies'!!!

2nd tooth out -Exciting!! The tooth fairy comes even in Tokelau:)

Chrissie's new most hated bug!! White tail spiders move on over!

Giant Centipede- Horrendous!! What nightmares are made of!! 

Heat rash- so itchy!

Present all the time.

Body painting!!

Ninja Turtle- Leo's the Fav!

Ez with the flower Lei's they made at school. Smelt stunning.


  1. We could fever afford heat rash powder so I would substitute a little puff of Johnson's baby powder and stroke it on gently. That and a damp face cloth or even a cool strip of lavalava helped. And I do relate to the do e of silence. We had four months between boats on many occasions and definitely no direct contact except in dire emergency through the office radio telephone scheds with aPia and thence to NZ

    1. Thanks for the tip:)
      Wow that's full on, must have been very isolating,your amazing don't know that I could do that!