Friday, 24 June 2016

Fakaofo reconnects with the digital communications world

Communication with the outside world when you live on a small remote atoll is totally dependant on a single big satellite dish - when that dish breaks down as it did here early in June - you lose your only connection with the outside world. No phone calls or internet for nearly three weeks. Now that was a new experience for this palagi family who is used to the world of instant communication and being 'plugged in' at nearly all times. No doubt a very good experience for us, but it did mean we felt very homesick not being able to contact family and friends!

One thing that made a big difference during this period under a "dome of silence" was receiving some parcels from family and friends at home. We were quite overwhelmed to receive a large box the other day from our wonderful church family - Porirua Gospel Chapel in Cannons Creek.

The contents of a parcel put together by members of our church family! Fantastic for the upcoming school holidays!

Huge thanks also to our friends Jenni, Diana and from the Garside and Crawshaw parents and the Wood family who we also received parcels from earlier in June too. We are so spoilt by all of you.

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