Friday, 3 June 2016

Rainy is four and other photos....

Beautiful Moth!

Baby Gecko's just hatched!!

Yummy yellow fin Tuna all filleted- Thanks Matty!

Girls weaving for the big Church celebration 
Busy weaving

Rainy loses his temper throws the headphones and breaks our laptop screen!!! Oh dear!

Another Eel catch!

Freaky heads

Skinning his catch with his cool pocket knife from Asher for Christmas- Thanks Asher!!
Nga looking beautiful -Ru and Mel's made her headband.

Fun walk around the islet

Baby Gecko!


First time with a peeler!!

Almost four and my big helper, peeled four potatoes on his own:)
No cuts!! 

5:55am on the 1st of June, everyone up for Rainy's pancake breakfast!

Sisters:) Sleepy 5 year old

Simple presents- Tang-a bit like Raro- lucky boy

Cool Pate Ezra carved for Rainy

Ready to eat:)

I love you Mum! - My big birthday boy!

Special afternoon tea

Thanks for the candles Oma:)- He wished for Cannons Creek!

Garside (Chrissie's Family) tradition that we happily carry on, special flower place setting for birthday person.

There was a little boy who had a little curl right in the middle of his forehead.....You know the rest!!
Love ya to bits four year old!!


  1. Yay for Rainy...But what about the computer screen!!! Disaster... What can you do about that? Do those eels bite Ez?

  2. Happy birthday Rainy! I wonder if the peeler would help with skinning eels? Tim