Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ceremony to open the new Fale Sa (Church Building)

Last week we got to be part of the opening of the new Church building in Fale - it's been a two year project and all consuming for the nuku the past few weeks. Ministers from all over in attendance, lots of other guests. Food, performances and lots of interesting new experiences. It was a long day however and we were very worn out at the end of it. Here are some photos to give a feel for the day.
(if you can't see the slide show of photos below you can also view them here:

Here is a video excerpt of the performance we were treated to during the service. Sorry about the video movement - I had a 3 year old hanging onto my arm!

Here are some short clips of the school performances in the Fale Fono (meeting house) as the entertainment while the feast was being consumed!


  1. We were married in the old fale ha. First palagi to be married there. Imprinted on my memory, so I read of the new building with mixed emotions. Pictures didn't come through for some reason.

    1. You can also see the photos here if they don't work on the blog:

      I passed on greetings to Lihe and Pale - they remember you fondly.