Thursday, 25 February 2016

 Nga in Samoa being a Pacific princess:)
Gekos in Samoa, kids loved catching them, way bigger in Tokelau!!

All crashed out in Apia, very hot and humid!!
Family we stayed with in Apia:)
On the boat, in the cabins where we ended up spending most of our time...hadn't started sailing yet hense the smiles!! Meli allready feeling green!
Toilets, water didn't go.....
So relieved to see Tokelau, Fakaofo, small land mass on horizon

getting off the boat and going in to the never looked so good!!
On a little boat from Fale to Tai where we are staying, buliding with red roof is the kisd school
Our Fale, we all wasted and still feeling sea sick!!
Front door and outside space, below porch is only water tap, also where you can wash:)
Bit more set up, on the 1st night
Fish and Coral, 2min from our place
So many crabs, this fella just hanging our down by our tap.

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