Thursday, 25 February 2016

Update from Chrissie

Cool blue tailed skink
Hi all, well here we are almost 3 weeks in, so far the kids have only had 2 days of school (Ru and Meli 3) the weather has been very stormy, humid, wet and so windy-tail end of the cyclone that hit Fiji and Tonga we are assuming as everyone is saying it is quite unusual for it to be like this for such a long period. So the kids have now had 9 days off school not including weekends, which has been fun, being able to explore, big waves etc but also tiring as we don’t get the opportunity to mix with others as much, especially as they are inside because of the weather, us crazy Palagi’s still out walking and swimming in the rain much to the locals amusement I imagine. 
First day of school

White play dough!
School next week we are all hoping, especially for some routine and friend makingJ. So far school has been very basic for the kids, prob 2 years behind their actual level, so they have found that frustrating, but heaps of other learning going on and we have access to some correspondence which is great but a bit limited because of difficulty with access to internet and mail. We have discovered there is a church choir, they just sit in the pews but carry the singing for the rest of the congregation, they practice on Wed and Saturday nights, Matt went along on Wed and it was really relaxed and a great way to learn the words!! So I might try and get along next week a good opportunity for me to socialise a bit too as I’m farely isolated. Matt has been to work the past 4 days, which has meant longer days for me at home with the kids, but we’ve had fun continuing to explore, walk and swim. We have been generously given so much fish and crabs (yum as) so feeling very spoilt and cared for, people are very shy and a bit wary of us, but as the days pass and we are able to join in more people are relaxing and I hope warming to us. I weeded for about an hour yesterday, while the kids were entertained by Lion KingJ It’s the women’s job around the village, about 2hrs of weeding a day in the morning, less for those with pre-schoolers (who do it after preschool), Slow easy work but everyone does their part, was a great opportunity to get to know my neighbour a little bit more, she is Ru’s teacher so usually wouldn’t weed except there has been no school. I sat quietly for about ½ an hour clearing leaves, rotten bread fruit and weeding and then she started to talk to me, which was a real answer to prayer as I really need to get to know some people and it is much harder for me as the women are at home, so less around, especially as the weather has been so bad. Found a scorpion yesterday, very small, exciting but also scary as means they are in the bush!! But apparently just stings like a wasp, not really poisonous. Phew. The kids have been having fun catching Geckos and lizards they are very cool. Everyone is starting to sleep better and we are acclimatising well, funny now when it’s 28/29 degree’s we are enjoying the coolness and turn the fans off, even needing a sheet over them at night if it gets down to 28. We are going to be freezing when we get back to NZ!! Hot dry season coming up in April, which will be less humid YAY. Its pitch black here by 7pm at night and light about 5am. So we are going to bed pretty early as the day starts much earlier than at home. Most people here own pigs and they are kept on the edge of the island, we enjoy the 10min walk out to see them (again strange Palagi behaviour!) They are pretty cute and there are heaps of babies, so Ruana is already vying for a pet piglet! Will get some photos. Pretty mangy cats around and noisy in the night too, the roosters have a great chorus from about 4:30am (Worse than home Claire!) and the Geckos make an amazing chirping noise so I’m often awake in the night. Love to all xoxox The Craws.
Enjoying E books:) "The monster at the end of this book!
Nga happy dancing
Ez in cool class t-shirt from Russell School and with new hair cut.
This had to go-School rules :(
Washing in a Tropical down pour.
Rainy being a zombie, fun activity with felts, Thanks Grandma:)
Some of the many sores!!
Enjoying walking around the pig enclosure
Our first fishing endeavour-before the bad weather arrived


  1. Good on you guys for getting stuck in and making the most of your experience as well as the kids giving things a go...:D

    1. Thanks Falima. Hope you're well. I've read Future of Tokelau - helpful and insightful read. Hope to see you again in due course. Warm regards Matt