Thursday, 25 February 2016

Trip to Tokelau - by Ezra

On Wednesday the 3rd Feb we left Wellington, the plane ride was 45 minutes to Auckland. I saw Lake Taupo and Mount Taranaki. When we landed in Auckland we had to walk to the other airport to catch the plane. We were waiting for 3 hours then we finally got on, I knew the ride was going to take 5 hours but there were movies on the plane so I watched them. When we landed in Samoa I stated sweating as soon as I got off. We walked out of airport and got into a van, we had no seatbelts. We got taken too where we were staying. It was night time; I saw some skinks [type of lizard] .the next day we went into town it was really hot, boiling hot and we had no water, we got our uniforms, a yellow shirt for me and red e lava lava. On our last day in Samoa we went to the cave pool, it’s a swimming hole that goes into a cave; there were big fish and cool jumps off the top of the cave mouth. The next morning we got up at 3 o’clock and caught a taxi to the port. We waited in the dark and heat for 3hrs till we could get on the boat. We put our bags down in a cabin which was small with little bunks. We waited another hour until the boat set sail. I felt sea sick the whole way and vomited 7 times on the boat. I saw some flying fish, but didn’t enjoy being on the boat. Finally at 8am the next morning (Monday) we arrived at Fakaofo, we hopped on a barge and got taken over to the atoll the big boat can’t go through the coral reef. We were hot and tired and felt seasick even on the ground, we waited for our bags and I was sick again. I needed to go to the loo so we asked and were sent to one near by the first one I looked in was full of maggots, it stunk. We got given some just juice and fried bread which was so nice!! Then we got in a little metal dingy (which was made in NZJ) and headed over to our new home.     

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  1. I can certainly sympathize with you about getting sea sick Ezra. The contents of my stomach have been left in Cook Strait quite a few times. I hope you are starting to get used to the hot weather by now. I look forward to reading about more of your adventures. From your Te Kura teacher.