Sunday, 8 May 2016

Holidays by Melita

                 My Holidays
In my one week holidays I did some cool things, this is what I did in my holidays.
We only got one week of holidays because at the start of term one there was a storm, and because there are two populated islets here the school boat could not come over from Fale, so there was no school for a week. We had to make up for the week we lost.     

The First Weekend of the Holidays

The first weekend of the holidays was pretty relaxed on Saturday we watched a movie in the morning and the in the afternoon Lameka the doctor took Ruana, Ezra and my dad net fishing. They got there put the net out and waited for a while, but then a boat came zooming up to them because a little girl  had badly burnt herself. So they only caught 3 fish. On Sunday we went to church and then came home and had a hot drink and a nice biscuit. Then a little later we watched a movie.

Going fishing with Pale and Lihe
Ngaremu and Narain were sad when Lameka took the others fishing (because they got to go on a boat and see some cool fish.) So on Monday night my dad rung Pale and Lihe and asked if they could take them out just for a ride in the boat but they said they could take them fishing. So the next night at about 5:30 they took us fishing. My dad, Ngaremu, Narain, Ezra and I walked to the wharf which was where we were meeting them. So we went out to the middle of the lagoon and did line fishing with hand lines. When we were on the boat going to the middle of the lagoon Lihe gave us a bag chips each (a small one). We were fishing for about an hour with a fifteen minute boat ride each way, I caught the only fish. When you splashed the water when it was dark (because it gets dark at around 6:00 - 6:30) the water sparkled like fireworks.

Our picnic at some of the outer islets

On Friday Pale and Lihe took us on a picnic with their granddaughter Evotia and her cousin Mina. First we went across the lagoon to a place that looked like paradise, beautiful coloured water, tall coconut trees, a little fale on the beach. It looked like you only needed to take about 10 big steps and it would have been over my head. There were so many mosquito's they were biting through your clothes.  We only were there for about 5 minutes then we went to the place we were going to have the picnic.  When we were on the boat to the next islet we put out some hand lines at first Ezra and I were fishing after about 5 minute of fishing I felt the line pull really hard on my hand it felt like it was going to pull me out of the boat. I thought the line might have hooked onto the coral; Pale stopped the boat so I could pull in the fish it was hard but finally I pulled it up. It was a trevally. After my turn I gave Ruana a turn, Ezra gave the line to Lihe.  Ruana also caught a fish it was bigger than mine but also a trevally. At one point Lihe fell off her seat there was a fish on her line it pulled so hard it cut her hand, she was alright but it would have hurt a lot. Lihe caught a fish called an Atuli we went to a small islet with a little bit of bush so there were not to many mosquito's. The water got deep really quickly which was really nice. Pale made a fire while Lihe prepared the fish. How they cooked the fish was cool they placed the fish between two or three dry coconut fronds then they lit the fronds and let the fish cook. The fish tasted delicious when it was cooked. Mina’s grandfather came at the end of the day. On the way home Evotia, Mina, Ngaremu, Narain and I went on his boat home, we went quite fast all the way home to Tai. I had the best day I have had in a very long time it was just so much fun, I really enjoyed myself.
The fire

By Melita
Ruana pulling in a fish


  1. Wow Meli what an interesting and fun time you had with Pale and Lihe, and how awesome to catch a big fish. i used to do a lot of fishing when I was your age and just loved the feeling of a fish swimming away and pulling hard on the line. And I love the feeling of flying across the water with your hair flying in a fast boat too. I'm so happy that you all had such a fun day. I love you and miss you. Oma

  2. Dear Meli,
    Tim and I have loved reading your story. We are looking forward to showing Connie in the morning. Tim was interested in the sparkly water. He remembers swimming in some sparkly waves in Opotiki...he thinks the word might be phosphorescence. That's a mouthful!
    We loved your descriptive words. It helped us imagine what your fun day was like.
    Love Hannah and Tim