Monday, 2 May 2016

school holidays fun....

Nga with Phoebe

Cardboard box fun- Meli and Nga made this doll's house

Watching a movie upstairs:)- clothes stored neatly!


Nga very happy!

Ez playing with the garage He,Rainy and I made:)

Loop the loop!

Big fast ramp.
Inside tunnel

Dead shark one of Ezra's friends caught- reef sharks we see lots of these:)- mostly alive!

Sun setting picture by Ez

School boat, had some fun swimming underneath and jumping off.

warming up on the wharf

Given some TANG-sweet as Raro from the work men building the sea wall, Matt helping on that work crew.

Making our own boats (Vaka) This is Ru's floating off into the sun set-made with Coconut shells and leaves

Tuna thrown off a boat coming in, to us at the beach, people are so generous here!

Wish we had caught it:)

Everyone wanted a hold and photo!

More Geckos! I know we are obsessed but they are super cute-this guy is on Meli's thumb so you can see how teeny he is!!

Wish we could bring these guys home!!

Ru hand sewed some new doll's dresses for Nga:)

Phoebe and Pingu all snugly on Melitas' knees- cuties
We also got taken on a really special trip at the end of the holiday, but we'll post about that soon- was awesome!!

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