Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rainy's home days

Rainy goes to preschool here 2-3 days a week, it runs 5 days but He sometimes finds it hard and very different from NZ so by breaking it up with some home days he is a lot happier:)
Here's some things we get upto when the big guys are at school:) After washing and sweeping etc.

Forts are the Big fav of this month!

First effort on his own:)

Getting more advanced.

Every Kie in the house!!

Inside his biggest creation

Mum was allowed in after guessing the password....Bubbles

Finished- so so hot in there!
Another smaller one:)

Lego and cars are lots of fun, this is a race track with a Lego tunnel and jump-we spent ages playing with:)

Laughing cause Mums car wiped out!!

Peek a boo

Painting (Thanks Oma!!) This is a Moose, with Apples and Banana's in his tummy and he is standing in the rain- He has antlers.

Making some simple toys to take to preschool

A shaker- lentils and rice

Coloured bubbly water and Sparkly stickers from the outside of a sticker sheet and shells

Super glued shut- hope they bring some joy:)

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