Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rainy get 's a parcel.....Thanks Palelei:)

Awesome Pirate costume and sword!!

Today Rainy didn't want to go to preschool, there were tears, tantrums and protests, He wanted to go to Kindy!! In Cannons Creek!! So we had a quiet morning....then knock knock...we opened the door and there was Palelei's Aunty with a special present for Rainy from Palelei....Super super's some photos of a very happy boy!! Thanks Palelei and Family!!

Thank you for the sword, can't wait to play pirates with you at Marearoa kindy!!-love Rainy

so exciting:)

Cool Dude!

Showing the big Sib's

So much fun colouring Jake and the never land pirates

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  1. Wow.. So beautiful. I hope Rainy has made heaps of friends. You mightve met Palelei's great grandad over there his name is Gau. He lives not far from you guys. Your kids look like theyre enjoying themselves. Take care and cant wait to read more of your blogs. God Bless