Monday, 11 April 2016

A new family member by Ezra...intro by Mum(Chrissie)

Ezra is now looking psycho but He does want to introduce you to our newest family member, Meli was being an egg and ripped his dart so anyways…calmed down now, so here’s the story….

For school we had to take something we were interested in, so I caught a blue tailed Lizard and took that along, some of the boys brought baby chicks, the class were being rough with them and throwing them around, so at the end of the day my friend Timofia gave me one of his chicks because he had seen in the day how kind I was being trying to stop them all getting hurt and cuddling it in all my spare time cause it had a sore leg. So I took it home and Mum and Dad said we could keep it. I have called it Snowbell (we picked names out of a hat) Mum, Ru and Meli thought it could be chickwhite- Ha Ha, but snowbell it is. She is noisy; peeping all the time, loves being held and likes long hair. I n the mornings I have to go and get cockroaches for her to eat, I have to kill them and chop their heads off, she loves them. We’ve had her about a week and we hope we can keep her till the end of the year. If I tap on the floor or call tok tok tok she comes running to you. She sleeps in a box on coconut husks, next to my bed, here are some photos of her…..

NB: When Ez was four he called our white cat, Pusswhite....hense the chickwhite suggestions.


Not to sure.
Happily hand fed:)

Sleeping on Meli



  1. It will be interesting to see just what colour Snowbell turns out to be as he/she grows. Do you know whether it is a male or female chick Ezra? It's great to hear that you showed such care for the chicks. What happened to the blue tailed lizard that you caught? Was it tricky to catch? Did you let it go at the end of the day? I would be interested to learn about some of the other insects, bugs and small creatures that are common place around your home. Teacher Jennie