Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Prayer- Chrissie

Thank-you God for peace
Last night I lay in bed in the almost total darkness that exists here, I could hear the occasional chirp
of a Gecko, such a cool sound, and the waves on the ocean side of the islet, but other than that, silence. And it struck me, I haven’t heard a siren for over three months, not in Apia and not while camping in January…amazing such a blessing to be somewhere so remote and untouched. And although I miss home, I do terribly; I also realise and am incredibly grateful for this season of peace.

The noise of life in NZ is sometimes so overwhelming, busyness, consumerism, comparisons, competition, police, fire, ambulance, and the phone!! Cars, Telemarketers, supermarkets, sports, meetings, appointments, advertising,…not all bad things but noisy none the less.
                                       So I am truly grateful God for the quiet. Amen

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