Sunday, 17 April 2016

A picture says a 1000 words....

Meli's birthday morning Pancakes cooking, 6:30am- opening her present, small bottle of moisturiser and a spray deodorant , some chewing gum and a packet of biscuits. Limited options, but she was happy:)

Special birthday afternoon tea:)-Cheezles, Cornchips and a Chocolate biscuit-a cup of juice and water 50/50 too:)

Ez's efforts at water collection, 16 different containers-kept him busy for over an hour and a half.

My boys styling their hair.....Ez modelling the soft mo....

Rainy going for No Curls!
Refining his look

Rainy learning to float on his back-Go Ru...teacher in the making.
Some cool fish

Ez looking stunning,put this in the 21st collection:)

Playing with our underwater camera trying to get everyone in:)
Got everyone,hard to open your eyes in the really salty water! (only got Rainy's chin.)

Ez diving

Mum and Ru trying to open our eyes...I just look terrified!

These guys have got it down

7 is a few people to squeeze in and coordinated dive and breath holding:)

Lots of laughs

Rainy growing in confidance

Diving down to the bottom and picking up coral sand!
Easter Monday, having a fire by the beach and cooking fish
like Jesus and his disciples.
Having a bible reflection in Paradise

More Gecko's we love these guys!!

Look at their cool feet.

Don't even know what this bug is but it's BIG and I just about stood on it inside our house one night.
about 10cm long!


  1. We had those bugs when I was a kid in the village. I'm not sure what they're really called, but we called them rhinoceros beetles. We used to keep them as pets, well for a couple of days at a time. We'd tie a string around their waists and fling them round in a circle- they'd fly, and make a buzzing noise. And make them fight other beetles. Cruel I know..don't do that. but they do make a fun buzzing sound when you fling them round!

  2. I found some info about the rhinoceros beetle on Wikipedia and have put it in the Google Drive for you to read.