Sunday, 10 April 2016


Looking beautiful for the special day.
Little cutie.
On Friday,we had a preschool feast!! We were going to host the Ulu, but He is currently in Samoa so we couldn't but we went ahead anyway. We had some very special guests come, The Minister, The Dr The principal of the school and Elders. We all had to bring some food to share on traditional woven plates, Rainy and I made pancakes. Everyone was to dress formally and we had lots of dancing and singing as you would at a real village Kaiga. One of the songs we did you had to choose one boy and one girl and they had to stand and dance for the next couple of minutes and then someone else was chosen. Mostly this was the children, However both the principal and the Dr had to join in...I was waiting pretty sure my turn was coming and sure enough, boy- one of the preschoolers , girl-Christy (what everyone calls me here, so me and my little buddy had to stand up and dance, I think by all the laughter we entertained them well, I know I was bright red, but it was fun to be a part such a fun celebration.                                

Some of the food:)

Some of our preschool friends....

Rainy and His friend Patrick.

Tiale (means flower)
so cute!

Tehanga and Rainy (good little buddies)

 (my dance partner)


  1. Big hello to Rainy from Palelei! We got given the link to your blog today by Jean at kindy. Looking forward to read more about your adventures :) I have alot of family on Fakaofo and i'll be sure to tell them to come say hi. Hope you are all enjoying you stay! From Palelei & family

    1. Malo ni Palelei and family. Rainy misses Palelei so so much. He tell's us of so many adventures they go on together and has a wonderful imagination in which Palelei is always present. They catch sharks together, they drive boats and planes, and diggers and motorbikes. They win lots of races together and are just really good mates together. We feel sad that we've taken Rainy away from such a special friendship, but look forward to returning to Maraeroa kindy in 2017 so that they can pick up on their friendship again. We'd love to meet some of your family and Palelei's cuzzies! They probably know who we are!! The palagi family - haha.

      Rainy says to Palelei "I miss you"

      Take care
      Rainy and the Crawshaw family

  2. Gorgeous kids and scrumptious looking food. Kai moana- reka tena!!!!!!