Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nga's story

Ngaremu Matangi-Manoharan
Correspondence school
Year 1

Self Evaluation.

I don’t really like writing.
I’m really good at writing
My teacher last year Matua Rob thinks I’m good at writing
Yes Mum and Dad think I’m good at writing
I don’t like writing at home.
I can’t spell and don’t know how.

Below is Ngaremu’s explanation of her picture in her own words dictated by Mum. (Chrissie)

This is a picture of a party at Whanganui. I went to Whanganui with Malaysia who is my big sister, she is 6. We went to a party, Well everyone is coming to the party, there is cars, Malaysia is running to the house cause she wants to show everyone everything but she wasn't  allowed inside, four people are jumping on the bouncy castle actually six, it had flags on the side. An Aunty I didn't know is helping the little 2 year old at the party, cause she can’t walk very well. I'm in the picture, wearing a pretty dress and Malaysia is too, the girl with 5 over her head is me because I'm 5. The Aunty I don’t know is helping another cousin to the bouncy castle, but she has to wait because there are too much people and she might get squished. It’s sunny, with a little bit of clouds, it’s hot. There is a table to eat off with lollies and banana’s, chicken, cheerios’ and the lollies were in cups. The balloons are by the table and when everyone comes they get a balloon. So they are all holding their balloons except the kids in the car, who will get one but they are still in their car. Aunty Trishna, Andreaus and Aunty Whyte were there too. We all drove in the car it was a long long long way from Aunty Trishna’s to Whanganui, Aunty Trishna's is in stokes valley. The little girl has a little balloon because she is little. It was special because I went with Malaysia, then they brought me back to camping and I was happy to see everyone. I said goodbye to Malaysia and she drove back to her house. Luckily I was back at camping with my family, I said luckily because I liked the party but there was too many people I didn't know and I felt lonely, but I was with Malaysia and Andreaus. It was a good day for a party because it was hot.

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  1. What a great story Nga - I love how detailed your memory of the party is. It must have been a very special day, and Malaysia is obviously someone you love very much. Thank you for sharing this with us!