Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dinner delivered to the door

Tokelaun’s love to give fish. I think it’s their primary love language. We've been given fish from a whole range of different people here. Here are a couple of pics of food that’s arrived at our door.

During the storm a couple of weeks back when fishing couldn't be done the men all went out and caught a whole lot of crabs to be handed out around the community. Here’s Chrissie and Matt hoeing into ours. (The kids didn't like them. They did take a lot of work for the amount of meat you got, but were quite tasty.

Here’s some fish that we were given. The pink once are our favourite – apparently in the same family as Snapper.

All of us are enjoying the fresh fish we’re having a few times a week – even the fussy boys which is a plus in a land where fish is the staple food.

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