Monday, 14 March 2016

Rainy's fun with Mum....

Excited about doing some baking! Piklets:)

After preschool today Rainy and I (Chrissie) did some baking, made some Piklets a favourite treat here for our kids just served plain with no toppings...We made the mix and then cooked them up in time for the big kids getting home for school-Rainy has such a big smile as He was only one home so knew He was getting bowl licking privileges:)

While we let the mix sit for a bit I asked Rainy if He wanted a turn with the Machete (spelling??)
He was super stoked and enjoyed feeling like a Ninja turtle (what He said He was) and also said He was a big and strong boy and would cut some coconuts down for his special Mum:)

Cute!! such a charmer this boy- love him.

A Machete!! 

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