Saturday, 26 March 2016

Generosity two Easter examples

On good Friday the church service was a combined one over at Fale, we have no transport however and rely on the school boat in the week and the kindness of others at any other time, Pale offered to come and pick us all up for the service (7 of us are quite a few extras in small boats) so at 7:15am we were scooting across the lagoon in our Sunday best on our way to Church. The ride was lovely the beauty of the lagoon is and will continue to be a moving and blessed thing. The church service started at 8am so Pale and Lihe invited us into their home until the church bell rang…as we sat Pale produced a feast!! Much to the delight of our children especially Nga and Rains, Chicken nuggets, hot chips, pancakes and milo, Lihe had prepared these especially for us in generous abundance. We went to Church with full stomachs, after the service we were very hot, and before we were taken home, Pale and Lihe gave us ice water and Oranges!! (Like gold here) so amazingly generous.  Lihe also gave us two beautiful church fans she had made, which will be so so great for our Hot Sunday mornings, as we were leaving Pale also gave us his copy of the Tokelauan new testament (only the new testament has been translated into Tokelauan so far) to borrow until we can get our own-it feels very much like a treasure to be able to read the gospel in this beautiful new language we are beginning to learn…We felt so far away from family at this significant time in the year and yet Pale and Lihe have welcomed us in like family in spite of our otherness, radical hospitality in action…
Our empty tomb
our coconut palm and pandana leaf cross

Ez,Nga and I with the finished tomb

Finishing touches before home for Easter Eggs:)
We have been on the receiving end of much generosity in our short time away from home, Paula and her family, who we hardly knew, Matt had met once, hosted us in Samoa, Emanuel took us under his wing for a day, Pale and Lihe, have kindly let us rent their home in Fenua Fale, strangers have given us fish, crabs, drinks, the list goes on, one such act has made Our Easter Sunday very special (especially for the kids.) We got to meet a lovely man Falima from NZ while He was in Tokelau during the General Fono. He is Tokelauan, but has always lived in NZ. He was very kind to us and friendly, chatting warmly and making us feel very welcome. On the day before he left I saw him as Rainy and I headed to preschool, He had a book on Tokelau that he had talked to Matt about and was lending him until he comes back. He gave it to me and then handed me two balls for the kids!!! Super exciting as we forgot to bring one with us, one is a semi soft NZ kiwi cricket ball and one is a black squash like ball, soft and super bouncy and lots of fun, Rainy and Ez have particularly enjoyed these.  it was so thoughtful and kind. Then that night just as we were getting the kids to bed He came round to say goodbye, He gently offered what he had brought round for the children, a packet of marshmallow Easter eggs!!! We had just been talking about how our kids would miss the usual chocolate goodies they get from family at Easter time….we were tempted to eat them but instead put them in the freezer where they have been until this morning (3 weeks waiting pretty good for sweet tooth’s). After a small family reflection time at the beach, where we built the empty tomb and cross, we came back and had a hot drink (yes hot even though the temp is over 31 degrees already at 10am) and an Easter egg.  Needless to say they were enjoyed immensely :) So Thanks Falima for blessing us when you were here and today, your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. 


  1. No thanks needed at all. I certainly admire your courageous family and your strength and commitment as a family to undergo such a challenging endeavour. It also shows to me the importance you place on family and intercultural relationships. I am envious that I did not place enough emphasis or commitment on such areas and that it is never too late to start doing so. I really like the way that you have an optimistic outlook on life and circumstances despite such trying conditions. So thanks you for letting me have a glimpse into your family life. It certainly is inspiring for me.
    As I sit here with my skin still peeling from my sunburn even though I have been back in NZ for a few weeks now, I am losing my tan now and missing the heat (can't believe I am saying that lol)and the life there. I am in email discussions re coming back for stints to help out in the school there. I am sorry that I cannot commit to as long a stint as you have but I just have responsibilities here that I have. Keep up the Great work and I will let you know if and when I will return for any supplies you may need from here...Talk soon
    Kind Regards
    Falima Fiaola

  2. What a lovely entry. Brings tears to my eyes reading it. I never realised how far generosity reaches. I am so grateful to all these kind people who have loved on my family. thanks be to God for his love generously given to us through his people. mum Craw

  3. My mother's name is Lihe pls correct it her name in here sound like a swear word to me. Would be nice checking out and making sure you got it right before posting. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your stay in Tokelau.If you may send my regards to my parents Pale and Lihe

    1. Sincere apologies have now updated. We'll be sure to pass on your regards. Sorry again - didn't intend to cause offence at all.

  4. Beautiful Matt (we did abit of work together with Goodcents Budgeting - Partners Porirua) just wanted to add lol, I've been following your blogs since day 1 - awesome bro. You and your family are such a blessing to our Tokelauan community there and in NZ and Aus. All the best there xx and please if you have time, can you send my love to my Aunty Alehi Kilino (or Lehi)..beautiful name.
    Love to you, Chrissie ma na tamaiti's xx
    Jewelz Kilino

    1. Thanks Jewelz, nice to hear from you and thanks for your kinds comments. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Matt and family