Wednesday, 16 March 2016


There is so so much that is amazing and beautiful about being in Tokelau and on this wonderful adventure, however we would not be being truthful if we pretended there weren’t challenges, here’s a list of some we are experiencing….

Mosquitos- My legs and arms are on fire and they bite all day long!! Especially as we live in the bush…..aaaarrrghhhhhhhh

*The relentless grit that is on the floor, on my feet, in my hair, on our beds, in our clothes…even when they have just been washed
*Sitting through a telling of crucial information and not understanding anything……except Palangi.
*Sleeping, living, eating, playing with 7 people in one room, two of who are 5 and under!!

*“ Peeing in a bucket (with a lid) at night to avoid going to our outside toilet and being attacked by the mozzies
*Emptying said bucket in the morning (wee from dehydrated people stinks!!!!) in toilet outside, then filling cistern from a bucket so it can be semi flushed away.

“* Trying to cook creative meals with rice, frozen veges and chicken………sometimes 10 nights in a row!!
*Wanting to make friends but only knowing so little of the language
*Any small cuts or scratches becoming infected in 24hrs…pus filled sores galore…which the flies love to land on…..
sore that needed to be drained at the Dr's much to the delight of the four local kids who gathered round to watch....just glad it was on my thigh not somewhere more embarrassing!!
*“ Sweating all day and night….as Rainy would say “Dripping Hot” as in sweat streaming down your back, face & legs etc mixing with the grit……

“* Being constipated from lack of fruit, fibre, and dehydration or the other extreme as our bodies adjust to a new diet and drinking coconuts!
*Not being ab
le to buy hair ties and having four girls( Chrissie included) who have to have their hair up for school, preschool and church…..and the ones I brought with us rust from the sea water.
*Waking up in the night with a cockroach on your back….

*“ Ants everywhere, constantly crawling on you and falling through mozzie nets and from the roof.

*“ Nits that multiply at an outrageous rate….no treatment available…so combing, combing, combing with oil….

*“ No hot water
*Cutting chicken off the bone to make it go further while inundated with flies….

*“ People being unsure of us and not having anything to offer but a smile and probably some confusing Palangi behaviour.

“* Not having a boat, when it is the main transport
*One shop on the other Island (Fale) that restocks twice a month….

“* Being so tired from the heat and the effort of learning a new language and culture

*“ Ez says writing in Tokelauan….I’d have no hope!! (Chrissie)
*Nga says missing Malaysia, Connie and Kyla
*Internet costing $100 for 2.5GB, which is  over $20 for a ½ an hour skype call

*“ Cheese costing $38 for 2kg…….missing having it…..small peanut butter for $6-would cost you a fortune to live here Claire!!
*Wanting to play soccer with friends but getting so so hot and running in Jandles and a Kie!
*Hair being wrecked by the saltwater!! And conditioner cost $5
*Ru says lack of language

*“ Thinking about coming home and having to start friendships again…..nervous as (Ruana)

“* Losing earrings and you can’t get them here.
*Running in temperatures above 30 degrees.

*Sweat moustaches……

*No fruitL

“* Conger Eels….ask Ezra 


  1. Gotta love those sweat mustaches! Can you guys get mail there? Do people post letters to Tokelau? Ez, write to Rangi and I about the eels. I'm finding it pretty hard to imagine, but I love you guys and love catching up on your news. I'm looking forward to when you guys get back and you're awesome at speaking and writing in Tokelauan!

  2. When you guys first left for Tokelau our kids pleaded with us to take them to visit you. They felt jealous of the adventure. I haven't read them your 'challenges' post yet, but I am guessing their opinions may become a little more conflicted after hearing about pussy sores, bugs galore, lonliness and living on a diet of mostly rice and frozen vege! May you continue to be equipped by God for all the struggles before you! May you know Jesus as an ever present friend on the road. Much much love

  3. My goodness this really makes me appreciate my home comforts! I would find it very difficult to do without fruit for an extended period of time.

  4. We have ripe Pawpaw now:) and some oranges YAY, thanks to those who have given us hairties, Ioane and Evotia, Oma, No'oroa and Grandma:)
    Also the thoughtful post we have recieved all a lovely blessing.