Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Making the most of a Tropical down pour.

Here’s a couple of photos of tropical ingenuity…Our old fridge which was broken when we arrived has become a great pantry and place for our plates, cups and cutlery. Loving having somewhere to order it all (Yes we are both “J” on the Myers Briggs!) and so good not to have to throw the old fridge into the tip.  The other photo is of Matt making use of the tropical downpours we have had over the last week or so, filling all our water containers, filling a bucket to flush the toilet, doing the washing, having our showers and washing all the dishes…plus cooling off. It’s a lovely rain and it feels so good to be able to use it all as our water tank is full and over flowing so we can’t store it at the moment.  Feels very satisfying and the flurry of activity is a nice shift after long slow days.

Our Pantry:)

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