Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Off to Church

Here is a picture of us all ready to go to Church, about a 2min walk from our home. The bell rings for about 1min, ½ an hour before church so you know it’s time to get ready, and then it rings for about 5min when it’s time for church to start. Church lasts about 1hr-1hr and ½, but it is very hot, I wish we had church fans!! Should have bought some in ApiaJ  after church we come home for a special Milo!! And a treat…. This week a Tim Tam- yum only Chocolate/sugary treat for the week. $5.80 a packet!! And to get out of our hot and sticky church clothes. No one hangs around after church to chat or have a cuppa, everyone is keen to get into cooler clothingJ
The Tupelenga have banned all fizzy drinks and lots of sugar laden items which is a great community initiative and means good health and teeth which is important as no fluoride in the water, and very limited dental care, only emergency removal.

We all enjoy our Sunday treat though!!

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